CO2 Solutions announces potential commercial project in mining and metals industry
Friday, Sep 08, 2017
CO2 Solutions Inc., the leader in the field of enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology announced that, in collaboration with Seneca Experts Conseils Inc. ("Seneca"), the Corporation will conduct a preliminary engineering study to assess the viability of applying its enzymatic carbon capture technology in a potential 32-tonne per day CO2 capture project for an undisclosed client in the mining and metals industry.

The study will evaluate the costs of capturing CO2 from the plant's flue gases, using CO2 Solutions' proprietary technology, and reusing the captured CO2 in the customer's production process. It is anticipated that reutilizing the emitted CO2 in this way will strengthen the client's competitiveness, reduce its carbon footprint and associated costs, and enhance its environmental credentials.

"While this is a preliminary engineering assessment, it validates our strategy to partner with engineering firms such as Seneca, as their access to potential clients is already producing concrete results and expanding our pipeline of potential projects," stated Evan Price, President and Chief Executive Officer of CO2 Solutions Inc.  "We anticipate that the study will provide critical data for the client to complete its analysis of the benefits of carbon capture to their operations."

"We are pleased to be teaming up with CO2 Solutions in presenting their carbon capture technology to our clients," said Benoit Couture, Eng., President and Chief Executive Officer of Seneca. "The experience we gained in working with CO2 Solutions on their Valleyfield pilot project and the strength of our joint teams have enabled us to move quickly on this attractive potential opportunity. This is the first of a number of opportunities we have identified, and we expect a growing demand for the deployment of low-cost carbon-capture solutions on industrial sites."

It is expected that the preliminary engineering study will be completed by November 2017 and its results will be then submitted to the client for consideration.

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