Exploration success in Peru’s Macusani District
Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018
Lithium and Uranium drill results demonstrate prospectivity of the Macusani District

Fission 3.0 Corp. notes with interest the ongoing success of the drill results and resulting stock market response to the Plateau Energy Metals Inc. (“Plateau”) exploration results on property nearby Fission 3’s own Macusani District property.  Fission 3 holds 9 claim blocks encompassing 5,100 ha, surrounded by Plateau’s land package including the Falchani high-grade lithium discovery located less than 5km to the south, with reported drill intersections up to 107m at 0.66% LiO2.

Macusani, Peru, is an emerging uranium and lithium district in a mining-friendly jurisdiction. The area is host to multiple uranium deposits that are large scale, very near-to-surface and potentially heap-leachable - giving them a strong economic case. The region also has several near-surface lithium deposits associated with uranium mineralization in the Yapamayo Member formation as well as higher-grade lithium without uranium association in the underlying Sapanuta Member formation.

Previous exploration programs included property scale mapping and prospecting followed by a very successful 16-hole drill program in 2016 focused on the evaluation of surface exposed high-grade uranium mineralization on both the Llama North and Llama South prospects, proximal to and on trend with Plateau’s Corachapi and Corani uranium deposits.  Uranium and anomalous lithium mineralization was encountered in over 80% of the holes, with peaks of 1.21% U3O8 over 0.5m (MAC16-016) and 533 ppm Lithium over 0.5m (MAC16-009).

Uranium mineralization in the Macusani district has previously focused on the stratigraphically elevated horizontal Yapamayo Member formation, where higher concentrated uranium and lesser lithium values have been intersected. Falchani represents a new target area, in the stratigraphically lower horizontal Sapanuta Member formation.  Significantly higher grades of lithium are present at Falchani. Previous attention on Fission 3 concessions have focused on the Yapamayo, including recent drilling of the mineralized Llama North and Llama South prospects.  Mapping on Fission 3’s claims has identified the presence of outcrops of the Sapanuta in valleys and slopes particularly in the southern area of the concessions block.  This prospective formation has not yet been evaluated for the presence of lithium and uranium mineralization on Fission 3’s property, but is considered a high priority for future exploration programs.

Ross McElroy, COO, and Chief Geologist for Fission 3, commented:

"The discovery of the Falchani high-grade lithium mineralization hosted in the underlying Sapanuta Member formation, represents an exciting new and untested target on Fission 3’s Macusani project.  Previous successful exploration prospecting and drilling has shown the potential to host similar uranium and lithium mineralization as seen in the nearby and near-surface Corachapi and Corani deposits.  Following Plateau’s success of encountering high-grade lithium in a deeper stratigraphic formation for which mapping has identified the presence of on our property, greatly increases the prospectivity of our Macusani project.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.fission3corp.com/

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