NSX Silver reports Phase 2 geochemical survey confirms and expands the Huerigo Silver Zone
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012

BEDFORD, NS, Dec. 18, 2012 /CNW/ - NSX Silver Inc. (TSXV: NSY) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Phase 2 geochemical survey conducted on the wholly-owned Oso Blanco II concession which is located approximately 5 kilometers from the Company's Dios Padre Silver Project. The survey covered the Huerigo Zone and other silver-lead-copper anomalies discovered during the Phase I geochemical survey (see NSX Silver press release dated August 21, 2012).  The Phase 2 program successfully delineated the Huerigo Zone in detail and confirmed the internal consistency and intensity of the silver anomaly.

The Phase 2 program covered 800 hectares of the 1,900 hectare Oso Blanco II concession and was designed to increase sample density and provide detailed information regarding the size, shape, and intensity of the anomalies.  A total of 941 rock chip surface samples were taken during the two programs.  In known anomalous zones rock chip samples were taken on a 50 meter grid with 25 meter sample spacing and at any changes in lithology or alteration.  Previously unexplored ground was sampled on a 100 meter grid with 50 meter sample spacing and at any change in lithology or alteration.

Anomalous zones were defined by elevated silver-lead-copper assay values supported by multi-element assay values that exceed the statistical background populations.  Background levels for silver, lead, and copper are 1.3, 18, and 20 ppm respectively. The main Huerigo metal anomaly occurs as an arcuate 900X300 meter multi-point silver anomaly, supported by coincident anomalous lead and copper values.

Silver values range from background to a maximum of 545 grams
per tonne, with lead values reaching 2.05%  and copper reaching 2.1% Of the total 941 samples tested, an impressive 302 samples (32%) contained anomalous silver, copper, and lead.

The Phase 2 program identified additional silver-lead-copper anomalies on the concession.  These zones will be evaluated by backhoe pits, trenching, geologic mapping, and detailed geochemical sampling.  Upon completion and analysis of the additional surface sampling programs, the Huerigo and other anomalous zones will be evaluated for a potential drill program.

Sample Protocol and QA/QC

Representative rock chip samples were taken, bagged, numbered, and sealed on site. The sealed samples were transported by Company personnel to ALS Chemex's preparation lab in Hermosillo.  Prepared sample pulps were forwarded by ALS Chemex to its Vancouver, Canada laboratory for analysis using ICP-61 methods.  A random selection of 10% of the samples from anomalous zones and 2% of those outside anomalous zones were resubmitted for reanalysis to determine the
laboratory's accuracy, precision, and reproducibility.

SOURCE NSX Silver Inc.

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