Happy Wife, Happy Life: 3 Smart Marriage Tips

February 4, 2021 by No Comments

Most people have heard the expression that says a happy wife is supposed to translate to a happy life. While it may seem a little outdated or trite, there’s some truth behind the sentiment. That is, when your partner is happy, your relationship is probably healthier too. Happy relationships mean happy people. If you’re looking for ways to make not only your partner happier but yourself as well, read on for three smart marriage tips.

1. Symbolizing the Union


A big part of your romantic identity will be defined early on by how seriously you take the symbolic and ritualistic experiences that come with legally sealing a union. Before even picking out that engagement ring or deciding on yellow gold, rose gold, real diamond, or cubic zirconia, having a conversation about expectations around wedding bands and wedding ring sets is a great way to start off a lifetime commitment.

Wedding ring sets symbolize not only emotional connection but a promise, too. This promise means supporting one another through hard times, being there during times of stress, and vowing to maintain intimacy, too. When searching for trio wedding ring sets to symbolize your romantic relationship, consider the long way you and your intended spouse will go together. Take as much time as you need to ensure the perfect jewelry for you. Platinum, sterling silver, or white gold might not seem important now, but the effort you put into early decisions will matter more than you might realize. The first step in a great marriage is making it a top priority and learning the art of compromise.

2. Making Connection Top Priority


As you move through the natural stages of your relationship, another key to a healthy marriage is maintaining the close connection you had before you said ‘I do.’ It’s natural to go through ups and downs in any relationship. If you feel yourself pulling away from your partner or the other way around, don’t wait to do something about it. In fact, reconnecting with your partner can be as easy as avoiding negative interaction and making a choice to spend regular quality time together. This can be hard to do if you’re distracted by your phone while you’re supposed to be having a meaningful conversation.

Have a conversation about wants and needs. Communicate clearly. Work together to determine one another’s emotional needs and vow to do what you can to make extra time for working on these. Check in with your partner on a regular basis to see what’s working and what isn’t. Like anything worth having, happy marriage takes work sometimes.

3. Escaping Together


There isn’t much point in a happy marriage if you don’t set aside time to enjoy one another’s company. While there are simple ways of staying connected, it’s also a great idea to escape from daily life from time to time. Consider taking a vacation together. Away from technology, daily responsibilities, and work-life, you just might find new enthusiasm in your sex life of a renewed sense of mutual affection. The reality is that it’s a lot easier to focus on the person you love away from chores, roommates, or other distractions that often get in the way of a healthy marriage.

Keeping your spouse happy can sometimes require outside intervention. If things aren’t improving on your own, consider reaching out to a relationship expert for help. Couples therapy can put you back on the right track to find a renewed connection. Therapy can also serve as a way to check up on your feelings about your relationship, too.

At the end of the day, it takes two people to make and maintain a healthy and happy union. Whether you’re the husband or wife, taking time to do the little things, making space for quality time in the relationship, and communicating about wants and needs will all add up to a happy ending.