How to Streamline Your Next Move

February 1, 2021 by No Comments

Is there anything more stressful in life than moving to a new home? Sure, it’s exciting, particularly if you are a first-time homeowner. However, that’s how it feels to be a buyer––being a mover is a completely different story. Beyond the crawling through reams of real estate agent reviews online and looking at all the various properties via video chat (unless COVID-19 restrictions are a little more lax in your area, meaning you get to visit potential properties in person), then starts the trial of trying to pack up your belongings and furnishings in a way that ensures safe relocation. Before long, it all starts to feel like a giant game of Tetris on high difficulty settings––only instead of blocks you have crockery, and in place of fun, you have stress.


However, there are ways to streamline your move that would make even the most experienced real estate agents jealous. Here are a few small and simple tips on how to go about it.

Firstly, get the big job taken care of.


Let’s be honest, the worst part of moving house is the actual moving. There is no other part––paperwork included––that’s more tedious than making sure all of your bathroom wares were discreetly packed or that your appliances have been correctly dismantled so that they can be reassembled properly on the other side. Frankly, being a mover is a pain––but only if you’re doing it yourself. This is where a little due diligence on moving companies will come in handy.


Early in the process (perhaps even before the home sale itself), it would be a good idea to start looking for a moving company to pick up all of your belongings and transport them safely to your new place (or at least to a storage unit near to your new location). It always feels like you’ll never have enough time to get everything done, if you’re planning on moving all of your stuff yourself. At least by having a professional company take care of making sure that the fragile ornaments are kept from harm, or that you aren’t risking yourself an injury by trying to lift anything that’s too heavy, you can instead focus on the other elements of the move, and let the movers handle the big job.


When you’re searching for a company to get your stuff to your new home, try and select a local team. If you’re based in Phoenix, then it’s pointless looking for the best moving company where your new house is––unless of course, the new house is in Arizona too. Simply put, in this scenario, you ideally need to look for movers in Phoenix. Though, if you’re based there, save yourself the effort, and look at Muscular Moving Men, a highly-rated local moving company. In addition to location, the first thing you should check with your potential professional movers is the reviews. The best ones have years of experience, and this is normally evident in the reviews that people leave on their websites or on Google.


There you have it: local and trustworthy––that’s all you need your movers to be.

Now, to sell the house…


If you’re a first-time buyer of a property, then none of this will apply until your next move. However, if you have had real estate before and preferred your own method of doing things, or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with real estate agents in the past, then check out Julie Morgan’s article on selling your home without an agent. Despite what you may have been led to believe, having a real estate agent is not compulsory. Although they tend to save you a lot of time on paperwork, the truth is you can still streamline the whole experience without spending money on someone else to sell your house for you.


A great way to get your property in the view of potential buyers is to have an open house, but try and focus on the event as opposed to the home. Yes, it needs to be tidy, and you’d be silly not to have completed all the necessary repair jobs beforehand. At the same time, though, make it a party atmosphere. Get some musicians together, some food and drink on the go, and make the open house a more lively experience. Did you know that 13% of Americans move house each year? The odds are in your favor here––if you make your open house memorable, potential buyers will start fighting over who gets to be the actual buyer and inherits that party vibe of the home.

Speaking of parties…

Don’t just have a housewarming party for the sake of it. After moving, use the event as an excuse to meet the new neighborhood, learn about the local community, and ingratiate yourself with the people who live closest to you. Everybody loves a party––and with finger foods and left-over decor from the open house, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on it either.


Moving house should be a grand adventure if you can streamline the process. Don’t forget to stick to the CDC guidelines on traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep yourself and your moving professionals safe.