5 Financial Investments Worth Making

January 21, 2021 by No Comments

With the onset of 2021, we’re beginning to find a semblance of normalcy after a year of damage to the public and economic health of the United States. With many businesses closing their doors due to COVID-19 restrictions (and some never to open again), many workers have found themselves relying on stimulus checks‚Äìwith the more unfortunate having to seek new forms of employment.

With a lack of income comes debt. Mortgage monthly payments start falling behind, credit card bills are missed, and credit scores are damaged. When the latter occurs, opportunities to make high priced purchases (such as a second mortgage) shrink–a bleak outlook on a financial situation. However, there is a way to make your money grow in 2021. Through the use of smart financial investments, you can start paying back on those credit cards and monthly payments and repair your credit score in good time. Here are some examples of financial investments that are definitely worth making.

1. High Yield Savings Accounts

The first option of finance fixing is almost to invest in yourself–or your own bank account, at least. High yield savings accounts have seen a dramatic increase in popularity lately, in tandem with internet-only banks (where these types of accounts are most often found). However, what is high yield savings accounts? Simply put, this is a type of bank account that has a higher interest rate and thus awards you more. Think of it like this; there is a competition between banks to acquire more customers. Internet-only banks, which are a relatively new concept in the financial market, use high yield savings accounts as an enticement to join. The average savings rates for the more traditional bank are below 0.1% annual percentage increase (API), meaning that if you have $100 in a checking account, you will get .10c in interest back, the API for high yield savings accounts is usually about 1%.

This might not mean much if you have only $100 in your account (as the following year you’ll gain all of one dollar), but if you were to put $10k into a high yield savings account, your money would grow by $100 per year, for doing nothing except sitting there. Don’t search for one within your own bank, as you’ll find the higher rates by playing the banks against each other.

2. Physical Commodities

Physical money may get destroyed easily, and once it is gone, it is gone. But physical commodities are more than the 5 dollar bill that slipped through a hole in your pocket. Gold and silver are the most well known of precious physical commodities, and they retain (if not grow) in their value through almost every change in the stock market. Sure, you can’t pay your mortgage with gold, but you can protect your wealth with it. Invest, or purchase, gold or silver and then put it into a safety deposit box. Then forget about it for a while. Over the long term, your wealth will grow, and it can act as either collateral or insurance with its lump sum value.

3. Clothing

A more everyday approach to investments would be to look at the world around you and predict where we are headed. With a bit of luck and planning, we should soon be able to travel once more. But with so many retail outlets closed for business now, there is a demand for supplies needed by holiday-makers.

It might seem like an unusual choice, but people who plan to travel to get some much needed time by the pool will need swimwear or appropriate attire. Alternatively, look at the public holidays and consider what’s coming up. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so items like lace bikini underwear from My TellTale are likely to be a popular choice. Bikinis, underwear, and the like never go out of fashion. The more obvious; the more popular‚Äìand therefore more money in return.

4. Rental Properties

One of the best ways to use a home loan is to buy a house that you have no intention of living in. If you’re already a homeowner with a decent mortgage, then it might seem odd to try for a second. However, having another property that you can rent out is an opportunity to make more money. Lenders will be more likely to give you a second home loan if you have good credit due to keeping on top of monthly mortgage payments on the first house. Even better if you choose to buy a fixer-upper, as the mortgage can be negotiated down. Plus, believe it or not, having another home loan also raises your credit profile, which homeowners can attest to since being approved for a new loan requires passing a credit report check.

5. Pharmaceuticals

It might seem like you’re earning from other peoples suffering, but investing in pharmaceuticals is actually very helpful‚Äìespecially in the race to the COVID-19 vaccine. By investing in them, you’re helping to fund pharmaceutical research and implement new cures and medication for illnesses. That’s not just good for your wallet, but for your soul too.