5 Tools to Start Your Own Home Maintenance Advice Blog

October 20, 2020 by No Comments

Home improvement projects are a fascinating subject. Americans spent over $400 billion on home renovations in 2017 and that number is only climbing. This means there is ample room for your content on the subject out there on the internet. But starting your home maintenance advice blog takes some dedication and skill beyond just a passing interest in the topic.

Keep it relevant.

The first and most important piece of advice any new blogger needs it that of relevance. Using keyword research tools and even simple Google searches for on-topic ideas to write about is crucial to success and growth in the online space. You need to create a list of content ideas early on and then generate a publication schedule so that your readers know they will be getting routine updates with timely and relevant information that helps their daily lives. Readers want to see the information that benefits them in some way, so make sure you always keep this in mind as a “golden rule,” so to speak.

Conduct renovations on your own home to catalog your experiences.

As an authority on home renovations, you should engage in updates yourself. Making structural changes to your home with a contractor is a great way to spark creativity for your blog. Even repairing large appliances (see oregonappliancerepair.com for more expertise on these projects) can serve to create content ideas for your site. Engaging in these tasks yourself is the only way to infuse your writing and advice with the knowledge that only comes through experience.

Include stunning images.

In order to really capture your audience’s attention, it’s crucial to include photographs, ideally taken by a professional photographer. High resolution, beautiful imagery is a surefire way to spark interest in your readership. The people seeking your knowledge are likely looking for renovation ideas and tricks that they can use in their own homes, so the inclusion of a high-quality photo album alongside your vivid descriptions will be the thing that really puts your page over the top.

Using the best online photo storage service you can find is a great way to organize all your uploads, captions, and tags. Keeping your photo album organized so that you can slot in the best images for the article with just a click of the button will make your job far easier. Online, cloud storage services offer additional features that can’t be found with traditional desktop folder organization.

Know your stuff.

In order to see real and lasting growth with your online platform, you need to always be learning and growing yourself. Keeping your content relevant means that you must create a depth of knowledge on the subject. This will serve you well as you draw from your knowledge bank in order to write about topical pieces that your readers want to see.

A great example is in the trending styles of interior paint and flooring preferences. Homeowners go through a bewildering series of changes and desires on these fronts throughout the lifetime of their homes. Knowing the trends can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Engage with social media.

Lastly, use social media to your advantage. You can create pages and post snippets of your new content to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each week to draw traffic from your followers’ circle and others that receive suggestions to follow your accounts. You can also harness the power of these platforms to take out targeted ads once your page reaches a large enough footprint. An ad buy can act as a huge boost to your readership by immediately growing the pool of prospective interested readers who haven’t yet been exposed to your content.

Use knowledge and experience to your advantage when tackling your first blog posts and grow from there.