6 Little Things to Get Yourself This Week

September 27, 2020 by No Comments

You’re six months into quarantine at this point, and the world still hasn’t gotten much better. In fact, except for a few glimmers of hope here or there, things may have gotten even worse for you. After all, instead of helping the American people by passing more stimulus checks, small business grants, or paycheck relief programs, Congress continues to prioritize partisan fighting.

All of the stressors you’re facing—from wrangling children during at-home schooling, to attending another draining Zoom meeting from your dining room table—can combine to create an environment where you just need a little pick-me-up. Of course, it’s important to keep your finances in check during such a volatile time, so none of the small treats and treasures on this list will break the bank. Even so, they’re sure to bring you joy this week, as you reward yourself for making it through another seven days, without completely losing it.

Don’t forget to accessorize and protect your phone.

With so many aspects of life moving online, you’re likely to be using your phone even more. Whether it’s through video calls with family or unwinding with another round of Angry Birds at the end of a long day, your smartphone has likely become both an important lifeline and a vital source of entertainment during the pandemic. As such, it’s crucial that you protect your phone with a case and screen protector that keeps it safe, secure and scratch-free. However, just because you’re picking a functional phone case doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Whether you’re shopping around for an iPhone screen protector, or a Google Pixel 3 case, you’re bound to find some great options for your phone online. You’re just a few clicks away from getting a nice new leather case, wallet case or even a clear case if you want to show off your phone’s gorgeous coloring. There’s even some beautifully-crafted wooden cases available too, for those who want something a little more unique.

Curate a beautiful indoor garden.

With COVID forcing more people indoors, many people are turning to gardening as a way to unwind and de-stress. Gardening is a great hobby and you can start small by purchasing a plant that’s easy to care for, such as a ZZ plant. A ZZ plant, also known as a Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, is such a low-maintenance houseplant that you’d actually have to try hard to kill it. A native African plant, this beginner houseplant looks great, and thrives in bright indirect light, such as fluorescent light. In fact, it is better to keep it out of the direct sunlight. Additionally, the ZZ plant is an easily maintained houseplant in that it doesn’t require much water, and is sure to brighten your home all-year round.

Calm yourself with aromatherapy.

If you want to really de-stress, aromatherapy is a great way to go about it. Whether it’s purchasing some lavender essential oils or burning incense, it’s easy to find calm using aromatherapy. If you’re particularly interested in finding natural and holistic ways to relieve stress, then this is a great choice for you, as there are plenty of different scents to help you relax and unwind.

Treat yourself to coffee.

On the other hand, a small pick-me-up during the week can be the difference between feeling like you’re making time for yourself and being stuck doing somebody else’s work. For this, a latte is a perfect item to gift yourself with, since your drink can be personalized to your own tastes. Whether you’re supporting your local coffee shop or the nearest Starbucks, spend the five or six dollars to get something special.

Dive into a new book.

A great gift with which to treat yourself this week, is a new book. Regardless of if it’s the latest best-seller, or a piece of non-fiction on a subject you’re passionate about, reading is always time well-spent. Best of all, you’ll get hours of enjoyment out of a new book, making it one of the less expendable options on this list.

Unwind with a bath bomb.

Nothing beats a trip to the spa for when you’re feeling stressed, but that’s hard to achieve during a pandemic. A great compromise is a nice, hot bath. Baths can offer a variety of health benefits in addition to helping you de-stress. If you really want to mix things up, and up the ante along the way, then a bath bomb can combine the benefits of aromatherapy and a bath for a luxurious treat this week.