America’s Best Southern Cities: 5 Reasons to Head South This Winter

September 27, 2020 by No Comments

America’s Southern cities often conjure up images of baking hot deserts and dusty streets in your mind but that’s not all they have to offer. In the winter you’ll see a whole new side to this part of the country. If you’re looking to replace your summer vacation with a winter break, consider heading down south to see the Southern cities at their very best. Here are a few pros that make winter the prime time to head south.

1. Escape the extreme cold.


If you’re from somewhere with chillier climates in winter, like New York for example, where you would normally expect feet of snow and freezing temperatures, then heading south might give you a milder winter to enjoy. Although temperatures do drop lower, you’ll find that they mostly stay in the positive figures. Get a thick sweater and a warm coat and you’re good to go and explore the cities, without worrying about getting frostbitten toes by the time you come back. At those kinds of temperatures, you’re safe to get a bit more stylish with your winter outfits, like these white trousers pants for example. After all, no one looks good in holiday pictures if they’re all bundled up from head to toe!

2. Explore without crowds of tourists.


It’s no secret that there are hundreds of fantastic tourist attractions that dot the American South. This means that the popular summer months see them packed full with tourists, everyone jostling to get the best view. Visiting in winter means you get to explore the key to the South, Vicksburg, and other famous attractions without thousands of other people tagging along. Have city centers and nature reserves to explore by yourself and go in the down season for travel. Plus, you might be able to get cheaper lodging or discounts to lifestyle costs, due to the lower demand.

3. Perfect for photography.


The winter months also bring with them clouds and weaker sun, making it the perfect time to take stunning photographs, both in the cities and in more rural areas. Long shadows and bright colors during the daylight hours create photos that you would never be able to snap in the summer. For an almost magical new light to your photos, winter in the American South is the perfect place to look.

4. Catch the early signs of desert spring.


Venturing into the desert in summer is stunning for its vast stretches of untouched sand, but visiting towards the end of winter, just before spring, brings a whole new side to it. Get an RV (along with a solid Good Sam RV Warranty to cover you for any potential motorhome breakdowns) and see the hidden flowers that start to come in across the desert. This phenomenon only applies every five to ten years, when the low temperatures and perfect amount of rainfall cause wildflowers to bloom across the desert. It’s a rare treat that you can only find when visiting in winter.

Discover genuine cultural wonders.


You know your hometown better than any tourist that visits during peak season, and the same goes for your visits to cities during their peak seasons. To discover the rich culture and treasures of a city that the locals love as well, visiting in winter can expose you to the kinds of activities and cultural events that are put on for the sake of the city, rather than to attract tourists. In quieter months, you’ll find local musicians performing, smaller local plays being put on, and more quirky attractions like these. To truly get a sense for the place, follow local recommendations and be prepared to go off the beaten track.