Can You Sell Your House Quickly?

December 28, 2020 by No Comments

Many homeowners ask how they can best approach a fast sale for their property. Whether you are in the real estate investment market or are simply looking to move on to a bigger or better home, holding on to your old property for longer than you have to is never something that you want to live with. Selling your home as fast as possible frees up the capital that you own in the property and it eliminates your mortgage burden and the accruing interest that corresponds with it as well. When you put your home on the market, the best thing for you is to sell it as fast as you can.

But homeowners are finding that this isn’t always possible. Local markets go through ebbs and flows and you may have decided to move at a more challenging time. The coronavirus pandemic, for instance, has thrown virtually every market into chaos; the stock market has fluctuated wildly over the last ten months, and home prices and interested buyers are reliably unreliable as financial institutions across the country make sense of the dramatically falling central banking interest rates.

You may live in an area that is seeing explosive growth in home sales during this time, or one that has seen interest in the property market dry up with the onset of the pandemic. Whatever your current situation, there are in fact a number of strategies that you can deploy in order to increase the value of your home and get it shifted off the market as quickly as possible.

Introduce quality of life upgrades to capture more interest.


When a homeowner is searching online for resources like “sell my house fast in Contra Costa” they often rely on the upgraded features of the home in order to leverage it to essentially sell itself. Beautiful homes with plenty of upgraded features are often one that attracts the most attention on the property market and, as a result, leaves it the fastest.

When considering these stylistic changes, it’s typically helpful to learn how to manage your money and budget for the projects accordingly. With upgrades designed to increase resale value, the key is in spending as little as possible in order to gain the largest return. The tradeoff of cost to added price is the key balance here.

Upgrades to the kitchen typically fetch the best combination of buyer interest and price increase. New, large, bright tiles in your kitchen workspace and a new granite or marble countertop can really make a kitchen pop, and wow the people who come to view your home. Quality of life upgrades that are designed to last for decades is a great way to provide that new value to your house.

Hardwood flooring, stone counters, and new appliances will last for decades and increase your ability to sell the home accordingly. And for those in older homes, stylistic renovations for historic homes that showcase the traditional feel can build a unique level of interest among niche buyers. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint that fits with the current trends among homebuyers can raise your final sale price by thousands of dollars for the cost of a few supplies and a weekend of your time!

Another great way to infuse new life into the property is with outdoor space. The façade and walkway into your home is an essential feature that showcases what a buyer should expect on the inside. A well-kept exterior is the perfect signposting element to suggest a home that is inviting and comfortable. Building on patio space or hiring a landscaper to recreate your front yard is a great way to subtly hint that the remainder of your home follows suit with the beautification standards that went into the perfect yard.

As well, keeping a garden well maintained is a great way to improve your own comfort in the home — or in your next home. This is the first thing you see when you arrive back home at the end of a long day and sets the tone for the remainder of your evening. A front yard that makes you smile will translate into a home that you can relax in and recharge for the demands of the day to follow.

Put your best foot forward while selling your home for maximum impact.


Selling a home is about more than just the property. In order to speed along a sale, you will have to act as the face of the property as well. People create first impressions within seconds of meeting others, and these powerful feelings can easily translate across the boundary between a person and the thing that they are representing.

Adding a power suit or belts for women to your repertoire is a great way to dress for success from the jump. Looking your best and dressing professionally can help in your daily life as well. When selling a home, great posture, a healthy smile, and professional clothing can go a long way to signaling that you are a reputable and trustworthy source of information and that the property you own is up to that same exacting standard.

A professional look is a great recipe for confidence as well. Adding new styles to your wardrobe will not only help you sell your home faster but it will improve your confidence across the spectrum. Taking this new style into your work life will help you make a great impression on any new business partners or interviewers when seeking out a new role or promotion.

Selling your home can be a stressful endeavor as you wait for feedback from your realtor. The waiting game drives many homeowners to prematurely reduce their price in order to try to force the infusion of interest into their home. Having your home appraised and sticking to your guns is important here, but so is the preparation period. Make some key renovations and stylistic upgrades to your home’s offerings in order to net the best sale price as quickly as possible.