Dating Tips for Romantic Success

December 27, 2020 by No Comments

Dating can be complicated. Many people feel lost when it comes to dating in general. For others, they know how to date but aren’t quite sure how to keep it exciting. For some, it feels nearly impossible altogether, and they’ve basically given up. But with creative thinking, an open mind, and the right attitude, dating doesn’t have to be so hard. If you struggle with successful dating and romance and are looking for tips, read on.

Be open-minded.


There’s no huge secret to pulling off a great blind date. While this type of dating can be the most stressful, it can be the perfect launchpad for those who are most intimidated. Think of the analogy of a swimmer with cold water. You can dip a toe in or dive straight in. Blind dates are a way to get the nerves over with and go for it.

If you find yourself set up for a blind date, keep an open mind. Assuming friends, family, or co-workers put you and your date up to this; there could be something to it. If people who care about you put you up to this, they already see something that might be a connection. It’s your job to find it.

If your blind date is due to meeting someone over the internet or on a dating app, do what you can to get to know them first and always meet in public. Finding areas of common interest will not only calm your nerves but give you a starting place for a night of great conversation.

Be creative.


If it’s your job to come up with what to do on a date, be creative. Nothing will show off your personality more or make you stand out from the crowd like a memorable and unique date. Instead of taking your date out to eat with the standard cocktails or movie afterward, consider something a little more adventurous.

Before meeting in person, talk with the person you’re interested in about things they enjoy. If you learn they are nostalgic, for example, you could suggest attending a party with an ’80s theme or even a trip to the arcade at the beach. That is, if you do your listening ahead of time and focus on your date’s interests, it won’t be so hard to come up with something creative.

Another perk to creative dates is that when a couple is engaged in an activity, the conversation will flow more naturally. Instead of feeling like a job interview, playing a friendly game of miniature golf could lend itself to a more relaxed and natural banter.

Attitude Matters


Stuck with the formal dinner date and freaking out? Take a deep breath. There are other ways to look at this.

If dating and relationships are the only areas you aren’t so confident in, fear not. Are you great at your job and know how to succeed in your field of choice? Think of dating the same way. Assess what it took for you to gain confidence at work and apply the same thing here. Was it how you dressed? Was it time? Did you not know you had the skill to offer? Apply those same things to your social life, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

If womens dressy jackets are something you’d wear to work and are comfortable in, don’t stray too far. You want to go into the date feeling your best. Pretending your next date is a work-related function or even might calm you down. Instead of being anxious, try to remember that the person you’ll be meeting is simply that; a human being. Approach the date the way you would any other social function.

If you don’t freak out for an ordinary work lunch or dinner meeting, there’s no reason to worry more now. Dating is really an arrangement or partnership between two interested people. If you think about it like that, you can go into the date as your most confident and enthusiastic self.