Don’t Let Kids Kill Your Sex Life: Quick Tips for Getting Your Man’s Attention

October 22, 2020 by No Comments

As any mom can attest, having children can hurt your sex life. Many women lose a level of confidence after having children due to the changes in their bodies. They are also exhausted all of the time as they are caring for the kids around the clock. Self-care, sleep, and privacy all suffer when you have children. However, you don’t t have to give up ever having an exciting sex life again. You can take action to get your man’s attention and keep things spicy in the bedroom, even after you’ve become a mom.

Send a sexy test at a random time


Sending a sexy text message at a moment when you can’t possibly get alone time will remind him that you want him and give him something to look forward to later. It will remind him that despite being a mother, you are still a woman with desires. Send a text when you are together increasing the fun. For example, send him a sexy text while you are both at a school function or family get-together. The text can be as suggestive or descriptive as you are comfortable with. Regardless of the content of the text, it will get him in the right mindset. When he reads the text and looks over to you, give him a wink.

Bat your eyes at him


When you are working and caring for your family full-time, getting dressed up and doing your hair and make-up can be difficult and exhausting. It may even be impossible to find the time depending on your schedule. However, getting dressed and ready for the day is proven to increase your confidence going into the day and confidence is always sexy. The key to still looking good when you are a busy mom is to find simple beauty routines that work for you. One small change that will make a huge difference is magnetic eyelashes. You can take your eyes from zero to ten in seconds with Glamnetic lashes, so when you bat your lashes at him, he gets lost in your eyes. Magnetic false lashes are very easy to apply since they don’t require glue, which makes them an ideal addition for a busy mom who wants her lashes to look a little bit extra special.

Surprise him with new lingerie


When you are running around crazy keeping up with little ones, you may get in the habit of going to bed in cozy sweats and a t-shirt or those flannel pajamas you got for Christmas a couple of years ago. There is nothing wrong with that, and you are beautiful regardless of what you are wearing. However, when your man is used to crawling in bed with sweats, and he walks into the room to see you in a sexy teddy or babydoll gown, you will definitely get his attention. You might be feeling uncomfortable with the idea of lingerie because you don’t have the same body you had pre-children. However, Spicey Lingerie has a full line of plus size lingerie designed to make you feel like the goddess you are.

Take control of the situation


Don’t wait for him to take the lead. After the initial shock of your gorgeous appearance settles in his mind, tell him exactly what you want him to do. Choose a bedroom activity you haven’t done in a long time or ever. Take a fantasy and make it come alive. Be prepared with massage oil, toys, or restraints, depending on what is comfortable between you and your man. It doesn’t matter if it turns into a quickie or an all-nighter. The point is to reconnect with the energy you lovers had pre-children.

When you plan a sexy night with your man, it may be best to have the children sleep at a family member’s house. If that isn’t practical, distract them, put them to bed early, and lock your bedroom door so that you can enjoy some privacy.