Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Ready for Guests

January 10, 2021 by No Comments

Magazines and television shows make it seem like keeping a clean and updated home is a no-brainer, but the reality is that keeping your home clean and presentable at all times is not so simple if you don’t know how to already. If you have kids and a partner, then this is especially true, but even singles living by themselves or with roommates find it challenging to pick up after themselves. Holding yourself accountable for your own messes is difficult enough, let alone holding someone else accountable for theirs.

Renters and homeowners alike must dedicate daily focus towards keeping their homes somewhat clean and clutter-free in order to feel comfortable inviting guests to their homes. Luckily, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think, especially if you have a set of cleaning and organization rules for your household that you follow fairly strictly. Here are some easy tips for keeping your home or apartment ready for guests at all times once this ongoing COVID-19 crisis finally ends.

Everything needs a designated spot.


For a home to look clean, tidy, and guest-ready, there needs to be an organizational system for all of your stuff. Even if you have a tight budget and can’t afford to renovate or redecorate, reorganizing your home will only cost you a little bit of your time and maybe a few new bins.No one is perfect. You will absolutely have at least one junk drawer in your house if you’re lucky. Your first step is to go through those junk drawers—or closets—and get rid of the items that you haven’t used or don’t recognize. These are items that you don’t need and are just taking up space that could be used more efficiently. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then need to designate permanent spots for the remaining items to be stored in.

Then it’s time for the commitment. These designated spots are to be where the items are always returned to after use. The commitment lies in building the habit of putting each item back after using it instead of putting it down and telling yourself that you’ll put it back later. Deep down, you know it will get left there for who knows how long. It may feel a bit extra at first, but building this positive habit will create change in your home. You’ll notice over time that there’s just less junk lying around, and you’ll feel so much more comfortable inviting guests over to your home.

Manage stinky odors.


Stinky homes are more common than you think, especially if you smoke in the house or have pets. When your home has a lingering odor that you feel is difficult to get rid of, having guests over to your home feels scary. Luckily, smellveil.com sells an odor-eliminating spray that will make even the toughest smoke odors disappear. They suggest spraying at least two to three sprays per puff of smoke, and once the spray has worked its magic, all traces of smoke odor will be virtually undetectable. Their spray—formulated by highly experienced chemists—is made with organic essential oils that break down odors at the molecular level.

Veil was created with the rapidly-changing culture in mind and set out to create a non-toxic spray that would effectively get rid of odors like marijuana smoke and lingering pet odors. They strive for excellent customer satisfaction and to provide the best quality odor eliminator on the market, so this product is a great option for renters and homeowners in need of a better-smelling house.

Replace the things that no longer serve their purpose.


Having a new set of windows installed into your home isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s also to improve the efficiency of your home, especially for the northern region of the United States. Older windows lower the home’s energy efficiency and will cause the average cost of your energy bill to go up because cold air leaks in during the winter months, and hot air leaks in during the summer months. If you notice this air leakage and find it difficult to regulate the temperature of your home, then it may be time to consider the professional installation of replacement windows.

All-Weather Seal of West Michigan is a window company that offers the best replacement windows in Michigan and has been the leading provider of window replacement solutions to homeowners across the state. They offer a wide array of window styles to suit the budget and aesthetic of any home in Northern Michigan. You can choose any window type, from single-pane windows to triple-pane windows with triple-pane glass, bow windows, Pella windows, etc. depending on the limits of your home’s window frames.

One of the most important considerations for any replacement window is its frame material, as different materials offer varying levels of benefits. Many companies will install low-quality windows made of cheap materials like aluminum, but All Weather Seal specializes in vinyl window installation for Northern Michigan homes. Vinyl is the superior material because it requires little to no maintenance, is eco-friendly, and provides insulation for premium energy efficiency. Most importantly, vinyl frames are available in a wide variety of window styles to ensure a look that fits your unique aesthetic.

Contact All Weather Seal’s customer service line to schedule a home consultation with a window installer to estimate installation costs for your new replacement windows and avoid having to go to places like Home Depot.

Do something nice for your person.

If you notice that your partner or special someone has taken it upon themselves to keep the home looking clean and guest-ready at all times, it might be a good idea to reward them for their consistent efforts. Nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like diamond jewelry. If you’re in the St. Louis area, check out The Diamond Family St. Louis for some of the most high-quality natural and lab-grown diamonds and custom jewelry in the area.

The Diamond Family company prides itself in educating its customers about its jewelry products. The owners and staff members are trained by the Gemological Institute of America and are always continuing their education and furthering their expertise in diamond jewelry with their exclusive membership in the Independent Jewelers Organization. This jeweler will treat you like family while you’re shopping for that special piece of jewelry for your special someone.

Make sure to keep your home ready for potential guests by committing to better organization habits, keeping the space smelling nice, and replacing fixtures in your home that might be making it less comfortable to hang out in. And be sure to reward that special someone who is keeping your home guest-ready with some fine jewelry.