Great Career Options for Those Who Love Working With Their Hands

January 29, 2021 by No Comments

Choosing a career can be a tricky, stressful endeavor. Sure, you have your hobbies and things you are passionate about, but what are the chances you can actually make a career out of those options? The best way to find a good fit for your future is to start listing the things you like and are good at. Today, we will dive into some careers that are a great fit for individuals who enjoy working with their hands.

Some people are content to sit behind a desk all day and do office work with theoretical ideas and concepts on a computer, but not you. You enjoy doing the dirty work and creating something with your own two hands. It gives you an ultimate sense of accomplishment and pride when you complete that perfect task. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities in many different areas for people who enjoy working with their hands. Whether you’re looking for a great side hustle to make some extra cash or you need a full-time job, there are opportunities for you to find a career where you can work with your hands. With so many careers to choose from, you have endless chances to find the best path for you.

The Food Industry

Working as a chef or cook is a great option for creative individuals working with their hands. You can spend time behind a grill or at a reach in refrigerator, making great cuisine for people to enjoy. A commercial kitchen is a busy place with many great appliances you’ll need to get used to. From stainless steel freezers to grills to the commercial refrigerator, this job will give you plenty of opportunity and access to use your hands and focus on the details of your food.


When you first think of jobs working with your hands, you may think of construction workers and carpenters. These individuals do hard work to create beautiful homes or run great renovations and carpentry. With power tools and woodworking, you can literally use your hands to create something brand new.

Automotive Work

If working on houses isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d prefer to spend your spare time doing automotive work. Mechanics get the chance to work with their hands as a day job and fix up cars, old and new. This is also a rewarding job where you are making a difference within your community.

Welding and Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing is vast and involves several profiles to work effectively. There is a lot of money in welding or learning how to use specialty plasma cutting. Whether this is one of your side hustles to make money or a day job, there is a high demand for welders with these skilled positions.


Another technical job where you get to work with your hands is working as an electrician. Even freelancers can make big bucks with a small business fixing electrical problems for your community. This is an easy way to work with your hands and develop a craft.


Construction and manufacturing are one avenue to work with your hands, but the spa and beauty industry also has a lot of opportunities for you, especially if you like retail and customer service. You can use your hands to cut hair or work on makeup designs for your clients and advertisers. Develop a new skill and learn about cosmetology as a great place and profession for individuals looking to bond with potential customers.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic use of your hands in a profession could involve getting a certificate to practice massage therapy. Even as a side job, you can earn an income using your hands to rub out tension and anxiety in other people’s bodies. This is another great way to work with a lot of people and make big money.