How Some Are Still Enjoying a Life of Luxury During the Pandemic

January 6, 2021 by No Comments

It’s often said that happiness is a choice. While that may not be entirely realistic for many people, especially during a pandemic, there is some truth to the idea that a positive attitude can mean the difference between overall contentment and discontent. Everyone’s life has been impacted in one way or another by the global pandemic.

For some people in the United States, living a life with financial hardships, masks, and social restrictions makes being happy difficult. Irritation, frustration, and even clinical depression are becoming major concerns for these people. But for others, who have found ways to make the best of it, a life of luxury and contentment is still possible.

How have they done this? It’s really pretty simple. Putting finances aside, here are some affordable ways to live a life of luxury during these uncertain times.

Creating Luxury Spaces


Step one in a luxury life is making sure your finances are in order. After considering a home-refinance, streams of passive income, and ways to free up cash, it’s time to get to the fun part. The great news is that living luxurious doesn’t even have to cost a lot and doing it locally could lead to more money for trips in the future.

Maybe your pre-pandemic life consisted of trips to the spa. Whether you went once a year as a birthday gift or were a regular, if time out for self-care and beauty were important to you before, they can be now too. Grab those skincare products for skin health, lotions, hydration capsules, and hair products, and plan a date with yourself. Order a faux sheepskin rug or pull out that dim lighting. Bubble bath, bath balms, face masks, hemp oil, moisturizer for eczema, and a bottle of wine coupled with a favorite meal, juicer cocktail, or appetizer could set you off to a luxurious spa night.

Honoring Self Care Routines


Like spa night, another way to care for yourself is not to forget your mind. Many are turning to natural products including CBD products. From CBD cream and topical products to edibles to help with relaxation, has products to help with everything from chronic pain to sleeping aids and full-spectrum CBD product benefits.

After that spa treatment, pull out the essential oils, grab a favorite like lavender or valor and a CBD edible, and a favorite movie or book. By the time bedtime rolls around, you’ll fall into bed with fewer worries and feeling more relaxed than usual; even in a pandemic.

CBD gummies might be able to help with pain relief that will free you up to other things. But don’t forget other forms of self-care. With our schedules thrown off, it’s easy to forget about regular vitamins and wellness routines like meditation and yoga. Doing those things regularly and even adding more will help to feel like things haven’t changed as much.

Traveling Locally


Maybe you have wanderlust and the way you used to live a luxurious life was by visiting new places. While things have changed and you may not be able to take that vacation you saved up for right now, there’s no reason you can’t take day trips or travel locally. For some, even trips to state parks or doing a google search of “beautiful places” in a specific area for inspiration helps to feel like less has changed.

Maybe you’ve from Alabama. Because of it, a natural destination might be up north just to get away from home. But if you change your thinking and take the time to discover tourist spots in Alabama, you might find that you don’t need to travel so far at all. Remember, for someone who lives up north, Alabama is a great place to discover. Put yourself in a tourist’s shoes and you may quickly realize the wonder and beauty of your own backyard.

In the end, the laws of happiness are about attraction. That is, if you work through the pandemic wanting and planning for a life of luxury, you can still have it. By taking the time to care for your mind, body, and overall health, you’ll be more likely to have the energy to make time for that local travel and even converting your own yard into a favorite vacationing spot.

While it may be a while before you are exploring natural waterfalls or hitting the gulf shores and things are back to normal, setting the mood and carving time out to pamper yourself will go a long way in pulling you through.