How to Effectively Market Medications and Supplements

December 29, 2020 by No Comments

The supplement industry is a massive segment of the overriding healthcare marketplace. Americans spend an average of $1.5 billion every year on vitamins and dietary supplements, and still many of us aren’t getting the nutrients we need on a daily basis.

Vitamin and healthcare supplement manufacturers are in a unique position these days, leading more people to seek out information on how to make and sell your own health products. The supplement industry, your brand included, is well poised to take advantage of an increasingly expanding marketplace as more and more Americans, and others all around the world, continue to increase their intake of dietary supplements. When branding your own supplements for the wider market, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration in order to make the biggest splash and bring home the sales for your company and team members.

Begin with organizational aids.


The supplement industry is a rapidly moving market. Styles, trends, and hot products are always changing, and your business must change with these market factors in order to see continued success over the long term. Utilizing an organizational aid like those offered by Workboard is a great way to improve on the business processes that have brought you success in the past and to find new avenues for continued growth (see for more on their offerings and enterprise workflow solutions).

Another great way to increase your organizational efficiency is with the help of sales training programs. These are customized sales programs that will transform your sales team from decent sales generators into powerhouses. Sales, as a discipline, is all about your attitude and knowledge. This is especially true for a huge market like the supplement industry. The customers looking for your products are out there; you simply need to connect with them and address the question of “why yours?” Your sales team should be made up of highly motivated professionals that can answer this question in their sleep.

In the supplement business, this is the name of the game, teaching your clients why yours is the superior product to others on the market. Following in the footsteps of success stories like Roivant Sciences, you’ll want to begin a campaign of maximum exposure regarding the selling points of your brand and products as soon as possible. Getting the word out and building excitement about your brand’s quality and values is essential; anyone can make a Vitamin E capsule or blend an herbal focus remedy. The difference is in your process, your commitment to high standards, or the safety of your facility and distribution arm. Whatever the draw is for your particular offerings, a sales team that is trained and ready to hit home runs with these and other similar questions is essential to driving traffic to your products and creating a loyalty among consumers that trust your brand and what you stand for as a company.

Don’t skimp on your marketing budget.


After you’ve created a line of high quality products and tested them both in the lab and in a select market for safety and consumer interest, respectively, it’s time for distribution on the wider supplement market. In order to see the greatest possible reception for your company’s products, you’ll need to invest in targeted marketing campaigns. The modern world is obsessed with social media and networking apps that exist on handheld devices. A marketing team or outsourced hire will likely want to begin building brand awareness through the use of Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. These are great places to start.

With tens of millions of daily users—and more than four billion total members across platforms—a campaign that builds brand awareness through these powerful social networks should be the first port of call, followed quickly by more specific advertising that shows off the benefits of your brand and products. In the health supplement industry, this is most often done through lifestyle comparison, stunning product photography, and among influencers. Because of these realities, your brand may end up living in the social media atmosphere with its marketing budget. These are obviously questions that should be addressed by a cutting edge marketing team that’s tuned in to the trending mediums of information distribution in order to make the largest possible splash at an affordable price point.

You must focus on partnerships with retailers in order to continue building success.


In the supplement industry, partnerships with large retailers are often a signal of success. The more shoppers who see your brand, the more likely they are to purchase your products. Getting on the shelves is therefore an essential part of the growth process. This may be kicked off with sales on Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. Selling on Amazon is something that all manufacturers can do without much hassle, and getting your brand recognized on this platform can form the first step in your roadmap for corporate success.

Sales online here will often translate into brand loyalty faster than with other types of products since buyers will need a new batch of vitamins or supplements within weeks or months. Returning to the source of their last purchase will bring them straight back to your offerings on the Amazon selling platform. Sales, and particularly repeat business, will drive up your overall worth and give you the capital necessary to begin to approach physical locations like Walmart or Vitamin World. You may even find success getting placements in your local gyms as well. Approaching chain facilities in your local area can help you scale up if the products sell well. Gold’s Gym or Planet Fitness exist all across the country, so sales in the gyms near your home base can often open up the potential for greater ordering volume that will appear in gyms across a wider swath.

Building your supplement brand takes hard work, but the benefits you’re delivering to your customers and the financial growth that you enjoy as a result make all of the entire process worth it.