Natural Health Trends Remain Popular During Pandemic

January 12, 2021 by No Comments

With discussions of COVID-19 vaccines and the wearing of face masks staying at the forefront of many people’s minds for months, it’s no surprise that health remains a hot-button issue across the board. It may be a surprising fact that natural health has become just as much of a popular topic as its scientific counterparts. Whether they’re avoiding conventional medical treatments out of fear of visiting the hospital or doctor’s office during pandemic times, are seeking more budget-friendly options to take control of their health, or are simply looking to boost their existing treatment plan, people are turning to natural health solutions throughout the coronavirus pandemic—and will undoubtedly continue through 2021 and well into the future. Here are just a few examples.

Stress Relief


With political strife and global unrest competing with virus-based fears, people around the world are stressed in these unprecedented times. From remembering to mask up and keeping up with news cycles to managing children’s health and education while balancing remote work efforts of their own, an individual has hefty responsibilities to keep up with, often to the detriment of their mental health and wellness.

Teletherapy and other virtual treatment options have helped many seek out professional help, but natural health trends have gone even further in paving the path to less stress. Some people have turned to indoor floor plants and other houseplants to find relief from the mental and emotional strain of life in 2020 and beyond. Others seek out the health benefits of alternative products like Sera relief CBD oil to destress with natural methods. Throw in some meditation beside your low light succulent and some deep breaths before a dose of CBD, and you can nearly forget the latest headlines and Covid statistics. While generally safe, do consult your doctor before ingesting CBD for the first time.

Immune Support


Of course, a global pandemic brings one’s overall health and wellness to mind. Naturally, resilience against the latest strain of COVID-19 and other health risks is a top concern, for good reason. Many concerned citizens have turned to natural tools to help bolster their immune system’s efficacy. In addition to revamping their diet to increase nutrients, staying hydrated and active, and aiming to relieve stress, certain supplements have grown in popularity as people seek to boost their immunity naturally.

When it comes to supporting the immune system, a few particular vitamins and supplements stand out. Vitamins C and D remain popular options, with zinc coming close behind. Other immune-focused formulations, with nutrients like echinacea, elderberry, and garlic, aim to give your body a leg up on not just the coronavirus but better health and wellness overall. Whether they’re adding extra vitamins to their diet or opting for capsules and other such formulations, increasing the intake of these nutrients is one of the trendiest—and easiest—ways to keep your immune system operating at peak performance. Always speak with a doctor before ingesting a new supplement.

Gut Health


Alongside stress-relieving and immune-boosting efforts, many people have found a renewed interest in maintaining and improving their gut health. From bettering their digestion to aiding in their other health goals, improving the body’s microbiome is one of the most effective ways a person can improve their health and wellness—and natural solutions to do just that abound.

Probiotic manufacturing is especially in demand, with probiotics being one of the most popular methods to improve gut health and introduce good bacteria into your microbiome. In addition to a probiotic supplement in capsule, gummies, or tablet form, patients interested in natural health might try their hand at the fermentation process. Fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi can help increase the health benefits of your favorite probiotic to make your body’s microbiome as healthy as possible.

Natural Nutrition


Diet plays a direct role in many health efforts, including how you manage your stress, gut health, and immunity. It’s unsurprising that natural nutrition has been just as important throughout the pandemic as finding a CBD or probiotic product to help better your health. Plant-based foods have grown in popularity, for example, with imitation meat products, alternative milk options, and even varieties of faux eggs flying off shelves. With grocery stores struggling to keep more conventional items in stock, many have turned to these items out of necessity as much as an interest in their health.

Even coffee, that all-important morning must-have, has gotten in on the trends in natural health over the past months. From added adaptogens promoting anti-fatigue and antidepressant qualities in your daily brew to alternatives like chicory root as a potentially better-for-you beverage to wake you up, coffee makes for just one more aspect of pandemic nutrition that’s taken a natural turn in hopes of bettering our health.



Amidst the larger pandemic, many people have faced a smaller-stakes, yet still a widely spread concern: “maskne,” or breakouts sparked by wearing a face mask for extended periods of time. Here, too, people are turning to natural tools to combat their most pressing concerns.

Both commercially available natural skin care products and those you can DIY at home have been touted as methods for combatting the dreaded maskne. A basic skincare routine can help your skin maintain its natural shedding process while minimizing the negative effects of hiding your smile behind a mask (albeit for good reason). Turning to products from your kitchen for an at-home facial or opting for naturally derived skincare products with CBD, first-time skincare practitioners turn to natural options for managing their maskne or other skin concerns. Even probiotics can have a positive effect on your skin.

The COVID-19 pandemic and all that’s come alongside it has made for months of stress and other health concerns. However, it’s also launched a widespread interest in natural health solutions to mitigate each aspect of the struggle. From probiotics to boost your gut health and immunity to CBD and succulents for a breath of stress relief, there are natural options available for nearly every concern, and, with these products growing in popularity, there’s no shortage of ways you can take control of your health from home. Compare CBD products, pick out a few hard-to-kill houseplants, and pop a probiotic alongside your next healthy meal. Each healthy step will bring you a bit closer to better health and wellness overall—and staying on top of some of the most popular natural trends.