Planning a Road Trip on Budget

December 30, 2020 by No Comments

Do you have wanderlust? Has being cooped up at home for months made you wonder what it would be like to get out and do some safe exploring? Is your job remote and something you could take on the road? For many, the answer is yes to all. For this reason, more people than ever are turning to RV, nomad, and van life communities for cheap travel trips. If your budget is tight but you don’t want that to stop you, there are ways you can road trip on a minimal budget. For basic tips, read on.

Convert your vehicle.


You don’t need to research cheap cars in Ghana to make this happen—although you certainly can, as buying a vehicle at an auto auction in Ghana is a great way to get reliable and inexpensive vehicle.

By using the vehicle you already have to convert it into a camper, you are well on your way to the most inexpensive road trip ever. For a few hundred dollars, you can turn your vehicle into a tiny house on wheels. When deciding how to go about making your vehicle into a home on wheels, consider bedding, solar panels on the roof for power, battery packs, and even coolers and refrigerators.

Whether traveling with a family member or heading across the United States or to the middle of nowhere solo, the best way to travel cheap is to determine the minimum supplies you’ll need ahead of time. Buying portable toilet, canned or dried foods, lighting, and even groceries ahead of time will help make your journey cheap.

Many people don’t know how easy it is to live out of a vehicle, but nomads have been doing this for years. Consider pulling out your seats, buying a cot, and converting any sized vehicle for cheap. Campers on trucks work for this too. Or, think about pulling a trailer behind you. There are no wrong answers with road tripping and part of the adventure starts with making it feel right for you as you head out on the open road.

Collect basic supplies ahead of time.


You don’t need years of experience to figure out how to live out of an RV. Instead, let the adventure be one of trial and error. It will only take a couple of days to determine supplies you really need to have in your RV. While having a plan before you head out in your vehicle or motor home is ideal, it’s also not a necessity. As you experiment with basic supplies you need, keep a list handy for items you’ll want when you land at your final destination. Is your RV going to become your primary residence on this long drive? You’ll have to think about which supplies and belongings you bring along, then. Before then, learn to use your belongings in multiple ways. A towel or a blanket, for example, can easily double as a pillow in a pinch. The trick is thinking creatively.

When considering which supplies, don’t forget to bring equipment for changing a flat tire and other side-of-the-road maintenance issues you might face as you head onto the open road in your RV. Have a mechanic you trust on speed dial. And, of course, don’t forget your credit card and driver’s license.

Map out stops, public land, and rest areas.


There are so many things to know before going on a road trip but the information is everywhere. Thanks to the digital nomad and RV communities, many people already know how to travel on the cheap. From mapping out a plan to stay in Walmart parking lots or on free camping land instead of paying for hotels or expensive accommodations, to how to avoid or bulk rate campground fees and locate free campsites, it’s a great idea to map out a plan ahead of time.

Whether planning to travel in a small car or big RV rig, you’ll want to think about ahead of time what your travel needs will be. For some, things like Wi-Fi aren’t negotiable. But for others, traveling on back roads and saving on those highway tolls is doable. Depending on if you plan on a long trip or short and whether or not you’ll be working from the road, you’ll want to scout out places to rest ahead of time.

Some gas stations, rest areas, and even public land are great places to park your vehicle overnight. For long term parking, you’ll want to do your research ahead. When doing your homework, check into laws about vehicles allowed in certain places. The rules might be different for recreational vehicles verses converted, stealthy campers.

Plan out free and cheap destinations.


Maybe you know exactly where you’re heading. Maybe you’re just in the mood for an unknown adventure. Either way, your road trip will be all the sweeter if you do your homework ahead of time on places you’d like to see. Consider the time of year and parts of the country you’d most like to see before scouting out cheap final destinations in those areas. In doing your planning ahead of time and being flexible with travel conditions and destinations, you’re certain to have one heck of an adventure. Happy trails to you! May you have the most affordable and epic adventure ever.