Why Fall is the Busy Season for Salons and How You Should Prepare

October 12, 2020 by No Comments

Fall is here! It’s time for sweater weather, pumpkin patches, and colorful leaves. Autumn is an absolutely beautiful time of year when the temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and pumpkins are waiting to be carved. It’s fun to enjoy the fall aesthetic with campfires and curling up to watch Halloween movies. To match the feeling of fall, it may be time to switch up your look with a great trip to the salon.

The later months of the year are a great time to give yourself a little glam. Summer fun came and went and now it’s time to prepare for colder months, warmer sweaters, and fresh new haircuts. Fall can be a busy time for salons as they prepare people for back to school season, apple picking photo sessions, or a simpler time to deepen the color and try out a new look. If you run a salon, you’re already preparing for the influx of customers during the fall and into the holiday season. So why do people rush to the salon from August to December? And how can you prepare to meet the increasing demands on your time and talents? Well, with a little creativity and passion, you’re sure to have a successful, fulfilling season this fall.

Fall isn’t just a season, it’s a look.

The fall aesthetic has become popular in recent years. The warm colors of red, brown, yellow, and deep orange plus wool socks, good books, an apple orchard, and a pumpkin spice latte all come together to create a true fall look. As the temperatures drop, your wardrobe will start to adjust. Rather than the sundresses and shorts, it’s time for jeans and fall dresses. You can still be fun and fabulous in a longer skirt or a long-sleeve sweater dress with jewelry and booties or even killer jumpsuits. The time for summer dresses may be over, but the fall look can be even more fun to put together. And that look isn’t complete without a fresh new haircut.

Change from “fun in the sun” to “cozy for fall.”

Your “fun in the sun” summer look has served a great purpose, but all that heat and humidity can do serious damage to your hair. You need a salon visit in the fall to trim split ends and try out conditioning treatments to repair the sun damage and chlorine buildup from a summer poolside. Fall can also be a great time to try a darker deeper color for your hair. Try some low lights or that caramel color glaze. Time to transition that summer looks to something more appropriate for your fall aesthetic.

Predict the forecast and get the store ready.

As a salon owner, there are a few steps to take to guarantee you’re ready for an influx of clients clamoring for that fall look. Take data from your past several years and create an accurate forecast of what your cash flow will look like over the next few months. Know that there may be changes from year to year, but past research can help you be prepared.

Knowing your busy seasons will allow you to work on the store in the off times and be sure you’re getting the store ready for fall and the holidays. Sometimes new salon chairs make the best impression, so consider installing a reclining barber chair for sale before peak season. Give the salon a facelift and show your clients you’re ready to welcome them with fresh stainless steel salon chairs with a footrest and hydraulic pump, quality equipment, and maybe even some fun, fall decor.

Keep people coming back, even when it isn’t peak time.

Peak seasons, like fall, are great, but the big question is how you will maintain and encourage business during the off times. During your busy season, you may have a great opportunity to foster company loyalty and bring clients back for more. Consider starting a loyalty program or scheduling a customer’s next appointment as they check out. This way, you’ll help continue your business during all seasons, not just fall.